About Us:

We are NOT a non-profit organization. We are just a couple of folks trying to sell items to raise money and put most of the net profits to people who are trying to raise funds to get horses off the kill pen/feedlot.

ALL of us who work helping to sell products from this website are volunteers. This includes: product research, ordering, receiving, packaging, shipping, web work,and bookkeeping. If you would like to volunteer we'd love to hear from you so please send us a note.

    Don't shoot the messenger:
  • We try to ONLY gift money to organizations/individuals who directly purchase the horses off of the lots.
  • The organizations we give to are entirely made up of volunteers like ourselves who try to get the horses safely away from the slaughter pipeline.
  • The feed lot/kill pen owners make a profit from selling the horses. That is their business. They don't care whether a perfectly good, healthy, horse ends up dead or as a part of someone's family. We do not like the prices set by the sellers any more than the next person. The bottom line is we will pay the dollar amount asked to keep horses from paying the ultimate price of a horrible death.

Michele Rain

I learned about horse slaughter years ago when attending livestock auction and saw horses going through being bid on by the "meat guys". After someone explained why the meat guy would bid on the horses I was mortified. I did not understand at the time what exactly it meant, I just knew that I couldn't imagine someone killing a horse for it's meat (food consumption or animal food). I had grown up on a farm, I knew the cows, pigs, chickens (livestock) on the farm were sometimes butchered, but a horse!

I will not go into graphically explaining how much worse it is for a horse to go to slaughter except to say this - horses are companion animals, not raised livestock meant for consumption (not that I do not feel for the livestock too). One difference is the betrayal of trust that happens because many horses grow up as a loving part of the family. Another and worse thing is that not only does the horse go through extreme terror as do all livestock animals, but they suffer great amounts of physical torture. Because horse slaughter is not overseen, not regulated and is not set up for a horses physical build many horses die a gruelling death. The slaughter houses are set up for cows which have shorter necks and different skull shapes leading to failed attempts to kill the horse. Human kind should be ashamed.

Once I learned the facts about horse slaughter I couldn't get it out of my mind. I believe that once anyone knows about the truth, they cannot turn their backs, but have a difficult time knowing how they can help. This is why we built this website and why we try so hard every day along with so many great and couragous people to save these wonderful friends for a terrible fate.

Nancy Trevison

I work at the local electric utility in our area and have always loved horses. I never thought we'd be able to have them be part of the family but am thrilled to say we are going to make it happen.

When I found out about the atrocities involved in the slaughter industry there was no way we could just sit back without doing something. I have watched videos, looked at pictures, and read descriptions of the incredible abuse of the horses that enter the slaughter system. No living being deserves to be treated like this and we will do all we can to try to help save as many as possible from that terrible fate.

My hope with this website is that we are able to inform others of the need to protect horses and help stop this practice.

I am involved with saving horses that are destined for slaughter not only because it's the right thing to do, but I want to be part of the movement to stop it.