Become an Artist on Horse Defenders

We have decided to offer various artist's artwork of horses on the Horse Defenders website - including children's artwork.

If you are interested please use our Contact page and we'll get back to you.

~ All submitted artwork would be used strictly for saving horses from slaughter.

~ The artist will keep all rights to their artwork but must be willing to sign a copyright release form allowing Horse Defenders to use the image on this website, the Horse Defender's fb page (and other advertising methods) and for on items for resale purposes. If artist is under 18 years old we'd need a parent or guardian to sign a waiver copyright release form stating we can sell products of their child's artwork. We have the forms that we can send to you via email for you to sign, scan and send back to us.

~ Artwork of horses or horse related (please) that would be useable for products to raise money for saving horses.

~ All artwork would be used on products of our choice.

~ Horse Defenders would incur the cost of producing and distributing the products.

~ Horse Defenders would receive all payments and make the donations.

~ The artist's name would be place on the "Artist's Hall of Fame" a page that I will make that displays an image the artwork, gives the name and contact information of the artist and link to where folks can go see more of the person's artwork if they have one. Good advertising.

NOTE: Due to the expense of producing the products we will be posting 1-3 different pieces of artwork a month on the website.

*If you are an artist who would like to handle ALL of the producing and distributing of any sales yourself AND you donate 80% or higher NET proceeds (after the cost of producing your products) to save horses endanger of going to slaughter, we will consider posting your products on our website.