Websites for contacting your Elected Officials:

It would be so much easier to not think of horse slaughter. So much easier if I did not think about it and let others do the work to change it.

I believe in miracles. I have to, I must in order to go forward on this path of trying to save horses. And when reality occurs, as it so cruelly does I must remind myself what is at stake in order to continue my path, because if I did not then it would mean that I turned away from trusting souls and gave up and that is not an option.

Only we can change the laws the allow what is happening to happen.

The following websites give people access to contact directly their elected officials. They work for us. Let them know you are not for horse slaughter. It only takes a moment and can be a very short note. If we do not take action, nothing will ever happen.

Contact the White House

Contact Elected Officials


Members of Congress

Write Your Representative

WA State Legislator

House Committee on Agriculture

Research Congress

Boycott The following representitives are pro horse slaughter:

Sen.Herb Kohl, D-Wisc
Sen, Roy Blunt, R-MO
Rep. Jack Kiingston, R-GA

Voting websites to send a message to Elected Officials:

GREAT site that lets you fill out a form and sends it to your Senators based on your address: Humane Society

You can find your representitives here at the bottom of this page: Animal Law Coalition

Website to sign petitions and send them to elected officials on many subjects:

Excellent way to send messages to elected officials on many subjects: - anti-horse slaughter petition

Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Help stop the slaughter of wild horses.

*We would like to add more (truthful) informative websites to add to this page. Please send me ones you have read via the Contact Us page. Please send me contact direct information to representitives in your area (and why I should post it here), informative websites (with links directly to the subject) and valid voting websites (to help everyone be able to gain access quickly to sites to vote to our representitives).